Book Cover: Bound By Darkness

He mated to protect her. She used him for revenge. As their worlds collide, their feelings for each other grow. But, when his dark secret is revealed, it may be more than she can forgive.

Lyzander has done many distasteful things in his life. One in particular has haunted him for the past twenty years. Now, the little girl he sheltered from the ones who killed her family has become his savior. When she seeks to avenge the murder of her loved ones, he finds himself saving her all over again.

Kelana has an agenda, and if mating with the angel warrior Lyzander will bring her closer to completing her mission, then she will gladly take him to her bed. When her father discovers the abomination he created is still alive, he proves more powerful than she imagined and it will take everything at her disposal to survive.

Publisher: Valerie Twombly
Cover Artists:

Lyzander summoned his wings then cloaked himself, thankful that ability was back, and weaved his way between buildings. He studied his prey from across the street, ready to take action. As if on cue, Kelana strolled toward the demon. Her hips swayed with each step. He took a moment to really study her and discovered he wanted to loosen her thick braid and sink his fingers into the silky mass. Heat stirred in his groin, and he knew the bond was in full force.


She misstepped, but quickly regained her composure. What the hell, angel? Don’t startle me like that.

He chuckled to himself. The demon had sass and he liked it. Just checking to see if we had linked yet.

Well, obviously we have. Now, shut the hell up and let me work. She continued her hip-swaying saunter until she stood before the guard.

Don’t let him touch you.


What? You don’t own me.

Oh, but at the moment I do.

She mentally flipped him off. Again, he chuckled before making his move farther down the street, away from his mate and her prey so he could cross behind the demon. Though he was cloaked, he wasn’t sure if the demon would still sense him once he got closer. The rules in Hell were different for angels, and he wasn’t taking any chances while he figured them out. Once he was comfortable that he was far enough away, he crossed at an angle. Kelana had her succubus lust in full swing. It was so powerful, he saw it swirl into a life of its own. The guard had relaxed, and his full attention was on the woman in front of him. She leaned in and flirted. The demon responded by touching her cheek, and Lyzander’s fury boiled to the surface.

I fucking told you not to let him touch you. He didn’t wait for her to respond but stormed forward, calling forth his sword. Damn, I hope this works. Relief swept over him as the warmth of the blade handle slammed into his palm. Within seconds, he was upon them. Wielding his sword of death in one swing, the demon’s head left its body and hit the ground, rolling across the dirt and into the street. A passerby only glanced then continued with his business. The only thing anyone in this place cared about was their own head. As long as it stayed attached to their body, they looked the other way.

“Damn. That was impressive. A clean cut even,” Kelana commented as she stepped away from the corpse, which crumbled to the ground.

Lead the way out of here. I don’t dare show myself until we are a safe distance away. He held no desire to be discovered in this retched place. Freedom was on the horizon. So close, its essence sat on the tip of his tongue. Kelana swung around and headed away from him. He followed behind her, remaining cloaked and praying to the Maker that they both made it out safely.

Reviews:Sharon R on Nook Books and More Blog wrote:

Ooh What A Fantastic Read. 5 Stars

Undeniable one of the best PNR books that really tugged on my heartstrings. By the end i was crying tears of both heartache and joy.

Zander and Kelana characters are so awesome you feel and understand both so clearly throughout.
I hurt more for Kelana in the beginning but towards the end Zander had my heart. Sigh
How powerful their love becomes at the most intense part was mind blowing and so pure.

LTRomanceReviews on Amazon wrote:

Reading this book reminded me of first finding the first volumes of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books. Spellbinding characters and conflicts. Multi-layered story arcs providing a variety of levels of satisfaction.
One thing that really impressed me about reading this story is that I've read none of the previous books. Still, it was a seamless entry into this reality. The characters, not just the main one, are strong and committed. While they are supernatural, any reader can relate to the experiences and choices. While the journey of each covers darkness, they are deep with the kind of brightness that comes from the best of a character.
I will definitively be going back to read the first 2 stories. For a huge fan of "The Black Jewels" series by Ms. Bishop and the "Rai Kirah" series by Carol Berg, this setting and the deft hand applied are a big hit with me. And if you loved this series but don't know the others mentioned here, it's highly likely you will enjoy reading those as well.
Humanity is such a mix of pain and joy, damage & growth, my satisfaction increases when stories recognize and use those factors successfully. Enjoy!

Megan on Amazon wrote:

I found this story to be utterly captivating with its imaginative world-building and a fast-moving plot.

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