Tempted by Darkness

Book Cover: Tempted by Darkness

Elite archangel Tegan is handed a mission to gather intel on an emerging species. His partner, a beautiful young angel, stirs desires he has avoided for decades. When he discovers Rhea’s little secret, his world threatens to collapse around him and forces him to confront a past he thought he had left behind.

Rhea has always wanted to visit the mortal realm, so when she is offered a mission with Tegan, she jumps at the chance. Second thoughts arise when she is commanded to seduce the archangel. Higher powers want Tegan’s son; she just wants to help him forget his broken heart.

Deception collides with fate as the two angels begin to unravel the truth, only to discover they have been the pawns of providence. Events have been set in motion. Now it is up to them to either allow the past to repeat itself or let fate finally take its course.

Publisher: Valerie Twombly
Cover Artists:


Surrender To Darkness

Book Cover: Surrender To Darkness
  • There is so much action, adventure, passion, lust, drama, angels, demons... well just a smorgasbord of everything! Wrap it all up in a page turning storyline that just gets better and better and I promise you won't want to put it down! This is an awesome anytime read that will have you laughing out loud! -Amazon Reviewer
  • With each book I read in this series, I say this was my favorite. Then the next one comes out and I love it even more. Ms. Twombly has created such vivid world you get lost in it. -Amazon Reviewer

Sometimes the only choice you have is to surrender.

Cade is a fallen angel who still endeavors to follow the right path. That is until the angels’ new ruling body decide the warrior is the perfect match to carry out their new assignment. Schooling the young, snobbish Abagail in the art of demon fighting is a challenge he could do without.

When Abagail is finally summoned by the Tribunal, she is beyond eager to finally take her place among the angels. She already has her eye on an elite warrior for her mate. But when the nephilim is thrust into a mission with a fallen angel, she goes from thrilled to mortified.

Like oil and water, the two are constantly at odds with each other, but Cade can’t deny the attraction building for the aloof nephilim. As their mission draws to a close, Cade realizes Abby will walk out of his life and into the arms of another, unless he can convince her to surrender to one night of passion.

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Unleash The Darkness

Book Cover: Unleash The Darkness

Sometimes even a reaper fears the darkness.

Created from light and dark, Sephtis is bound to both Heaven and Hell. When he calls upon his reaper, he unleashes a power even demons grow to fear. Only Evangeline keeps him from crossing over to total darkness. His mate is the light that burns bright in his soul.

Being a guardian angel is all Evangeline ever wanted. Then a promise to a dying woman changes her life irrevocably. Finding herself trapped in a foreign land, she must fight for her life while searching for a way back to the man she loves.

When a stranger comes between the couple, the two angels become entangled in a web of evil that will put their love to the ultimate test. Hell hath no fury like a reaper determined to find the woman he loves.

Cover Artists:
Reviews:Kristie K on Pardon My Blurb wrote:

With her usual amazing talent with the written word, Valerie Twombly takes you on another adventure through heaven, hell, and everywhere in between. The cover is dark, dangerous, and sexy…emitting the perfect vibe for this book. The blurb captivates the imagination, holds it in thrall, and demands you one-click this book. The plot and storyline are awesome. A story of angels fighting evil, even the evil within, is one of my favorite recipes. Well developed and executed flawlessly, I loved this book. Her characters are beyond bewitching, each one sexy, gorgeous, tormented, and perfect. Easy to love, with hearts that you can relate to. I am one of Ms. Twombly’s biggest fans, and will continue to follow her to the ends of the earth…or heaven…or hell…

Amy W on Amazon wrote:

Holy hotness this book was the darkest and intense read. I loved every minute of Eva and Seph. I was hooked from the beginning and couldn't stop reading. It flowed and had every emotion pulled out of me. I will be reading it again. I highly recommend this book.

Bound By Darkness

Book Cover: Bound By Darkness

He mated to protect her. She used him for revenge. As their worlds collide, their feelings for each other grow. But, when his dark secret is revealed, it may be more than she can forgive.

Lyzander has done many distasteful things in his life. One in particular has haunted him for the past twenty years. Now, the little girl he sheltered from the ones who killed her family has become his savior. When she seeks to avenge the murder of her loved ones, he finds himself saving her all over again.

Kelana has an agenda, and if mating with the angel warrior Lyzander will bring her closer to completing her mission, then she will gladly take him to her bed. When her father discovers the abomination he created is still alive, he proves more powerful than she imagined and it will take everything at her disposal to survive.

Publisher: Valerie Twombly
Cover Artists:

Lyzander summoned his wings then cloaked himself, thankful that ability was back, and weaved his way between buildings. He studied his prey from across the street, ready to take action. As if on cue, Kelana strolled toward the demon. Her hips swayed with each step. He took a moment to really study her and discovered he wanted to loosen her thick braid and sink his fingers into the silky mass. Heat stirred in his groin, and he knew the bond was in full force.


She misstepped, but quickly regained her composure. What the hell, angel? Don’t startle me like that.

He chuckled to himself. The demon had sass and he liked it. Just checking to see if we had linked yet.

Well, obviously we have. Now, shut the hell up and let me work. She continued her hip-swaying saunter until she stood before the guard.

Don’t let him touch you.


What? You don’t own me.

Oh, but at the moment I do.

She mentally flipped him off. Again, he chuckled before making his move farther down the street, away from his mate and her prey so he could cross behind the demon. Though he was cloaked, he wasn’t sure if the demon would still sense him once he got closer. The rules in Hell were different for angels, and he wasn’t taking any chances while he figured them out. Once he was comfortable that he was far enough away, he crossed at an angle. Kelana had her succubus lust in full swing. It was so powerful, he saw it swirl into a life of its own. The guard had relaxed, and his full attention was on the woman in front of him. She leaned in and flirted. The demon responded by touching her cheek, and Lyzander’s fury boiled to the surface.

I fucking told you not to let him touch you. He didn’t wait for her to respond but stormed forward, calling forth his sword. Damn, I hope this works. Relief swept over him as the warmth of the blade handle slammed into his palm. Within seconds, he was upon them. Wielding his sword of death in one swing, the demon’s head left its body and hit the ground, rolling across the dirt and into the street. A passerby only glanced then continued with his business. The only thing anyone in this place cared about was their own head. As long as it stayed attached to their body, they looked the other way.

“Damn. That was impressive. A clean cut even,” Kelana commented as she stepped away from the corpse, which crumbled to the ground.

Lead the way out of here. I don’t dare show myself until we are a safe distance away. He held no desire to be discovered in this retched place. Freedom was on the horizon. So close, its essence sat on the tip of his tongue. Kelana swung around and headed away from him. He followed behind her, remaining cloaked and praying to the Maker that they both made it out safely.

Reviews:Sharon R on Nook Books and More Blog wrote:

Ooh What A Fantastic Read. 5 Stars

Undeniable one of the best PNR books that really tugged on my heartstrings. By the end i was crying tears of both heartache and joy.

Zander and Kelana characters are so awesome you feel and understand both so clearly throughout.
I hurt more for Kelana in the beginning but towards the end Zander had my heart. Sigh
How powerful their love becomes at the most intense part was mind blowing and so pure.

LTRomanceReviews on Amazon wrote:

Reading this book reminded me of first finding the first volumes of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books. Spellbinding characters and conflicts. Multi-layered story arcs providing a variety of levels of satisfaction.
One thing that really impressed me about reading this story is that I've read none of the previous books. Still, it was a seamless entry into this reality. The characters, not just the main one, are strong and committed. While they are supernatural, any reader can relate to the experiences and choices. While the journey of each covers darkness, they are deep with the kind of brightness that comes from the best of a character.
I will definitively be going back to read the first 2 stories. For a huge fan of "The Black Jewels" series by Ms. Bishop and the "Rai Kirah" series by Carol Berg, this setting and the deft hand applied are a big hit with me. And if you loved this series but don't know the others mentioned here, it's highly likely you will enjoy reading those as well.
Humanity is such a mix of pain and joy, damage & growth, my satisfaction increases when stories recognize and use those factors successfully. Enjoy!

Megan on Amazon wrote:

I found this story to be utterly captivating with its imaginative world-building and a fast-moving plot.

Eternally Mated Series (book 1 & 2)

Book Cover: Eternally Mated Series (book 1 & 2)

Eternally Mated Series (Book 1 & 2)

Fall Into Darkness:
Second place winner in 2016 RWA Heart of Excellence and Finalist in 2016 RWA Aspen Gold Contest.

Fate brought them together, but desire may bond them for eternity

Eli, bounty hunter for the Tribunal, is sentenced to earth to find his humanity. But when temptation is thrown in the angel’s path in the form of the soft curvy Ashley, he is unable to resist.

Ashley considers herself a freak. With one glance into a person’s eyes, she foresees their death. When an attack brings a handsome stranger to her rescue, she can’t help but be drawn to his steel-blue gaze.

Veiled In Darkness:
The story continues…

The clock is ticking and soon Ashley will face the ultimate test.

‘Death’ was not a nickname Ashley wished to carry. Being the only one able to stop Lucifer’s evil plan was an even worse fate. When she discovers her true ancestry, fear that she will succumb to her darker side forces her to dig deep for the strength she needs to fight.

Don't miss this thrilling flight into a world of angels & demons--get your copy today!

Publisher: Valerie Twombly

An Angel’s Torment

(Eternally Mated Prequel)

Book Cover: An Angel's Torment

Prequel to Fall Into Darkness:

When an angel falls in love it happens hard and fast.

Archangel Tegan is an elite soldier who has lived centuries bound by duty and honor, so when he is chosen to procreate with a human, he never thinks to question his orders. Once he realizes the depths of his emotions for the fair-haired beauty who carries his child, he attempts to claim Ana as his own. It is only then he discovers just how forbidden a relationship with her really is and the lengths his commanders will go to stop it.

Cover Artists:

Veiled in Darkness

(Eternally Mated, #3)

Book Cover: Veiled in Darkness
Editions:ePub: $ 2.99
ISBN: 9781943438
Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 152

The story continues:

When Eli spots Ashley across a bloody battlefield, he can only steal a moment alone with her. Powerless is an emotion new to the hunter, but it’s one he faces daily when he realizes killing the demon king in order to free his mate is out of the question.

‘Death’ was not a nickname Ashley wished to carry. Being the only one able to stop Lucifer’s evil plan was an even worse fate. When she discovers her true ancestry, fear that she will succumb to her darker side forces her to dig deep for the strength she needs to fight.

The clock is ticking and soon Ashley will face the ultimate test.

Publisher: Valerie Twombly
Cover Artists:

Eli scanned the battlefield. Hacked body parts littered the ground and pools of blood coated the landscape. The earth groaned as she absorbed the foul liquid of the fallen demons.
The battle had lasted hours. How many he wasn’t sure, but his muscles ached and blood coated his clothing. Most of it from those he’d slain, but some belonged to him. He was too weak and exhausted to heal himself. Besides, his only thought at that moment was of her. He’d spotted Ashley the last time they’d battled. She was seen collecting the demons’ souls and sending them––he supposed––to Hell. Lucifer would likely have her bring them back to life so this hellish nightmare could start again.
Eli cringed at the thought.
He’d tried to speak with her, but when she’d spotted him, she had vanished. This time… This time she would face him. It had been a month since she’d gone. Seven hundred and thirty hours, a fraction of time to an angel but an eternity to him.


He missed her so much his heart actually ached. Every morning he awoke and wondered if she thought of him. Every night he went to his empty bed and prayed she remembered he loved her. Had she made it through the day? Was her mind still intact or had Lucifer broken her? He tried not to think about it because if he did, he was tempted to fall again, and this time he’d make sure he made it all the way to Hell. Luckily, his sanity stayed in check, and he reminded himself of the gift Ashley had given him. The sacrifice she had made to save his soul would never be forgotten. He would remain steadfast in his duties while he searched for a way to save her.
She was here and her back was to him. Her hair, pulled into a single braid, draped over one shoulder.
His fingers itched to unravel the golden strands and set them free.
Black wings, speckled with gold dust, were spread as she pointed to each demon and watched their body parts vanish. Eli wrapped his own wings around his body and cloaked himself. Now that he knew she would flee, necessity dictated he hide his presence. She was far too young and inexperienced to escape him now.
He watched…waited in silence as she made her way around the field. For some reason the others ignored her, and then it dawned on him. They couldn’t see her. A smile lifted his lips and pride swelled inside him.
So, my little angel has learned how to cloak herself as well.
She was close. He waited for her to finally tend to the demon body he stood over. He reached out and grabbed her. She gasped, her power flaring.
He revealed himself. “You can’t run from me this time.”
Her face lit with relief then panic. “Eli, you need to let me go.” Anger flashed in her green eyes. “You know I could have killed you!”
“You can’t kill your own mate, so stop running from me.” He pulled her closer and erected a barrier around them to keep others from viewing their private moment. “I’ve missed you. Are you okay?” He moved his gaze from her eyes to her full pink lips then dipped to her breasts. She wore some black leather thing that revealed more cleavage than he cared for her to share. Matching pants clung to her curves, and boots completed the ensemble. Damn she was hot, and his cock throbbed with need.
“I’m as well as can be expected. Now release me, I have work to do.”
“Don’t care,” he stated.
“We aren’t supposed to be together. Lucifer will punish you if he finds out,” she whispered and glanced around, likely looking for the devil himself.
“Listen to me.” He tightened his grip, fearful she’d somehow get away before he had a chance to speak. “I don’t care what that bastard does to me. Do you understand?”
“Eli, no––”
“I. Don’t. Fucking. Care.” He gave her a slight shake to bring her back to him. “He can do to me whatever he desires. If he wants to let demons pick the flesh from my bones then pour salt over my wounds, so be it.”
“No. No.” She struggled to free herself. “Please don’t say that. I can’t bear the thought of him hurting you.” She scanned his bloody clothing. “You’re hurt.”
“I’m fine.” He bent his head and claimed her mouth. Demanding and passionate, his desire for her flared white-hot. She continued to struggle, but he pressed his tongue against her lips until finally she softened and gave in. Opened to him until they were both kissing each other as if it were the end of the world. To Eli, it might as well be. Having her back in his arms, pressed against his erection, was all he wanted. He wanted to take her fast and hard, but this wasn’t the time or place. He’d forsake everything to have her back safe. He broke free, both of them panting from pent-up desire.
“I need to know you understand that I will do whatever it takes to be near you. Even if I can only have a stolen moment. If Lucifer wants to punish me, I’ll take it.” He dropped his forehead to hers. “He can’t hurt me any more than he’s already done by taking you from me. I will not let him have you.” She pushed against his chest, and he freed her.
“I have to go,” she whispered.
“I will find a way, Ashley. We belong together, and I will find a way to free you,” he shouted as she faded away. All eyes were on him, but he didn’t care. Let his brethren believe he’d finally gone mad.

Reviews:on Books are love:

This was more than I expected. We get tragic love stories, evil and prophecy all in one action packed book that has you hanging in some respects and smiling in others. First I love Eli and Ashley together. He understands her and is supportive of her. He hates the situation his mate is in but sees how strong and capable she is. When the story of Ashley and her family is put out there to him it is a jawdropper and a dealbreaker in many ways. It helps to explain so much about the Maker, Teagan and Lucifer-who is really a conceited aggravating man. He is terrible in so many ways and powerhungry so when Ashley showed him up I was like woohoo you go girl. And her with Eli swoony and sexy.

Eli is a great character and perfect for Ashley. They balance each other and give each other the strength, courage and support to go forward and battle the evil that is set before them.

on Kim, Paranormaly Yours:

Anxiously awaited, and totally worth it!

Fall Into Darkness

(Eternally Mated #2)

Book Cover: Fall Into Darkness
Editions:Kindle - First: $ 3.99

Eli lives by his own rules and bows to no one, even when summoned before the Tribunal Seven. They deem the hunter has lost his humanity and sentence the angel to earth with one mission: find some compassion or be condemned to Hell.

Ashley considers herself a freak. With one glance into a person’s eyes, she foresees their death. When an attack brings a handsome stranger to her rescue, she can’t help but be drawn to his steel-blue gaze.

Fate will bring them together but desire could bond them for eternity.

Publisher: Valerie Twombly
Cover Artists:

Ashley wandered through Eli’s bedroom, noting how bare it was. Except for a queen four-poster bed, a dresser, and a fireplace, there was nothing else here. She wondered how lonely he must have been to never make a real home in one place. Eva had told her this small cabin in the north woods was always his favorite and that was why she’d asked to be brought here.

After stoking a fire, she donned the short red nightie that hardly covered her breasts and left her long legs exposed. There was no way he could resist, not if he were half as needful as she, and something told her he would be more so. She hoped he’d be so lust ridden he’d complete the bond. Guilt filled her for what she was about to do, but she’d do anything to save him. She’d worry about the aftermath later.


The double-winged tattoo on the back of her hip burned, and she’d learned it meant Eli was close by. Was he watching from a distance? She stepped into the soft light of the fire, knowing it cast a sensual glow across her skin. Yeah, she was pulling out all the stops. A cool breeze whispered across her skin causing her nipples to tighten.

He was here.

She turned, and when her gaze fell upon him standing in the shadows she gasped. His naked chest glistened in the firelight that reflected across the room. A thick rope of muscles coiled just under his skin, and her fingertips itched to touch him. Dark jeans, settled so low on his hips, she could see the dusting of hair that led to his sweet spot. However, it was the massive black wings that stretched out and brushed the ground that really drew her attention. Her fallen angel was dark and sinister, yet every fiber of her being said he’d never harm her. He’d come to her and she was determined to finish what they’d started.

She was determined to save his soul.

“Eli.” She took a step closer.

He flashed a set of fangs. “I’ve never been weak in my entire life, but with you… You are my weakness. Look at me Ashley, I’m one step away from claiming you. Being mated to me will be a fate worse than death.”

Another step. Careful not to scare him off, she stopped short of being able to reach out and touch him. Opening her mind, he could feel everything she did should he choose to. “You’re wrong. Walking away from you would be a worse fate. You’ve touched something deep inside me. Fate brought us together because we need each other.” She took the last step and placed her hands on his chest. He stiffened beneath her touch.

“I need you and I don’t mean just the physical. I mean emotionally as well. You have my heart as well as my body. All of me, it belongs to you.”

His adam’s apple rose and fell then he gripped her waist and tugged her close. He bent his head and slanted his mouth over hers. Sucking her bottom lip through his teeth, he gave a nibble; his fangs gently scraped her sensitive flesh before his tongue slipped inside. She dragged her nails down his chest, and he deepened the kiss. They both became lost in the moment.

Eli broke the kiss and licked his way down her neck and across her clavicle. Ashley tipped her head back on a moan.

“You have on too many clothes,” he whispered.

“Then I suggest you get rid of them,” she urged.

He wasted no time. Gripping the top of her nightie, he ripped it wide open then shoved the satin material off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She stood before him, her body bathed in only the firelight.

“You should be laid out on a bed of silk and worshipped. Instead, I tear your clothes from your body.” He unbuttoned his jeans and shoved them to the floor, stepping free from them before he kicked them aside. She started to reach for his erection, but he spun her and pinned her back against the wall. “I can’t stop myself. I’m so damn cold, and I need to feel your warmth wrapped around me.”

“Take what you need.”




Reviews:Claire on Audible wrote:

I spent the whole time I was listening to it on the edge of my seat desperate for what was going to happen next.

Tom's narration is well done, good character voices and a delivery that help me become absorbed in the story.

Sharon Richmond on Goodreads wrote:

Eli's story is going to blow the roof off...It is sooooo delicious and intense, it will have you on the edge throughout the story. Sharon Richmond

Jocqueline on Goodreads wrote:

Valerie has a very unique style to writing her Paranormal. It is engaging, and captivates you from beginning to end. Her characters are very well written and likable, leaving you with a sleepless night or early morning.


2nd Place ACRA Heart of Excellence
Readers' Choice Award in Paranormal Romance