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The Sexy Scribblers are a group of 14 authors who got together to create unique stories for our readers. We come from different genres, we write in various styles and lengths.  Each story is as new to us as it is to you.
These are free reads, newly created, anything goes stories!
Each story has been written by a group of 6 authors. Each story is created and released, one episode at a time. Sometimes the story ends at 6 episodes, sometimes at 12, but each author takes a turn, in a pre-defined order, to write an episode and then passes it on to the next author in line.
There is no brainstorming, no plotting, no pre-planning at all. We have no idea how the starting author will begin the story, or even what kind of story it will end up being. We know nothing about the characters or the genre until the episode has been completed and passed on.  And then the next author takes it in whatever direction they want. It’s a complete mystery to everyone how each story will develop and end.
Our goal is to release two stories each month. Stories with 12 episodes will carry on to the following month. The first story begins on the first Friday of the month. The second story begins on the third Friday of the month. One episode will be released per day over the course of a week for each story.



We are very excited about this new venture and we hope you are too.

Check out the Sexy Scribblers website and meet the authors. Follow the authors and get to know them!

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Lena Hart 

Anne Lange

Caroline Lee 

Kishan Paul 

J.A. Coffey

Aubrey Wynne 

Luanna Stewart 

Mina Khan

C.A. Szarek 

Chanta Rand 

Angie Daniels 

Valerie Twombly

Anna Albergucci

Kris Calvert