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Paranormal Romance

A Vampire's Spooktacular Wedding

Love, laughter, and a wedding from Hell.

Six months into carrying her and Christoph’s baby, Sabrina is finally about to tie the knot with the sexiest vampire in all New Orleans. That is, if her wedding planner doesn’t give her a coronary first.

With an appetite that rivals a blue whale, and the libido of a nypmho, it’s no wonder she is tired all the time. However, when her little dragon goes missing, she will set ten alarms to wake her dead backside up at midnight to rendezvous with a kidnapper. Just don’t tell the groom!

If dealing with life as a pregnant vampire isn’t stressful enough, Satan has turned her beloved B&B, Fangri-La, into a fright fest. Hells Bells! If she survives this wedding, the devil just might find his pitchfork where the sun doesn’t shine.

A Vampire's Spooktacular Wedding

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A Vampire's Spooktacular Wedding



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