Eternally Mated (Book 1 & 2)

Eternally Mated Series (Book 1 & 2)

Fall Into Darkness:
Second place winner in 2016 RWA Heart of Excellence and Finalist in 2016 RWA Aspen Gold Contest.

Fate brought them together, but desire may bond them for eternity

Eli, bounty hunter for the Tribunal, is sentenced to earth to find his humanity. But when temptation is thrown in the angel’s path in the form of the soft curvy Ashley, he is unable to resist.

Ashley considers herself a freak. With one glance into a person’s eyes, she foresees their death. When an attack brings a handsome stranger to her rescue, she can’t help but be drawn to his steel-blue gaze.

Veiled In Darkness:
The story continues…

The clock is ticking and soon Ashley will face the ultimate test.

‘Death’ was not a nickname Ashley wished to carry. Being the only one able to stop Lucifer’s evil plan was an even worse fate. When she discovers her true ancestry, fear that she will succumb to her darker side forces her to dig deep for the strength she needs to fight.

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Publisher: Valerie Twombly
Cover Artists: