Fangs, Fur, & Fa La La – A Paranormal Christmas Collection

Book Cover: Fangs, Fur, & Fa La La - A Paranormal Christmas Collection
Part of the Sparks of Desire series:

Merry & Bright
Merry Delfino left the police force because she could not stomach the brutal things people did. Now nothing angers her more than finding traps set on her land—except finding those traps full and putting the poor animals out of their misery. But this Christmas Eve, one trap caught a naked man. One who can turn into a fox. She knows she should stay out of whatever trouble landed Tyler Bright in that trap, but she can’t resist the mystery he brings with him. And soon she discovers she can't resist him, either.

One Night With A Witch
The last thing MI6 agent Eli Morgan expected was Pleiades witch Avery Donovan showing up to “rescue” him. Turns out she’s his biggest threat when an unexpected love spell hits them. Now he can’t keep his hands off the woman he vowed never to touch.
But something evil fights to posses Eli’s soul. The only one who can truly save him is his soulmate. Can’t be Avery. What they feel is spell-induced. Or is it?

Melting Jack Frost
Jack Frost, yes, that Jack Frost, missed his chance with Ginger when they were teenagers… But she’s returned to Holly Valley, and he’s determined to win her back. Can a cocky Winter Elf, a salty old wizard, and a food-motivated reindeer restore Ginger’s beliefs in Christmas and in love?

Wolf Tracks
On a gut instinct from the Chicago alpha, Bailey Hart is assigned to work a missing child case. Using her empathic abilities for search and rescue is new for her, as well as constant contact with powerful dominant male Hudson Chase. Bailey is used to being bombarded with people’s emotions, but now, the sizzling lust from Hudson tests the limits of her focus. His inner wolf calls to her own on a level that’s new, primal, and too tempting to resist.

The Lone Wolf’s Wish
Shane Dodd has lost everything, his Pack, his home, and hope. His only wish this Christmas is to live long enough to exact revenge on the Nero assassin he believes killed his Pack. But when he steps between a bullet and a Piper Holland everything changes. The woman dressed as one of Santa's elves is his mate. She ignites a flame in his heart. But hope and love are dangerous wishes for a lone wolf.

Raven’s Gift
Orphaned as a baby, Raven has no idea she’s a lycan. Barrett is a lycan and wants nothing more than a mate, but as a mute, no female will have him. After Raven’s human marriage falls apart, she heads west, where Barrett becomes her new landlord. They’re smitten with each other at first glance. But when she learns the truth, will she choose him as hers or shun him like all the rest?

Dreaming of a White Dragon
Second Fiddle – that should’ve been my name. Don’t believe me? Try being the sister of Mrs. Claus, Goddess of Winter, and the only deity who spends six months in hibernation. Well, this year I’m changing the rules. There’ll be no snow, no north wind for Santa’s stupid sleigh, and no definitely no nip in the air for the tip of your disgusting little noses. I’m taking a stand. No more Second Fiddle for me. My name is Caille and I’m here to screw with your holidays.

Destined Desire
Dionora’s ex-fiance approaches the Vampire Council for a new marriage contract, not knowing Dionora’s current job makes her responsible for his next bridal match. Revenge is sweet with this sensual romantic comedy.

Intercepting Christmas
When Tessa, producer of the reality show The Real Werewives of Alaska, reconnects with her wolf shifter husband Cole for Christmas, she learns love is best unscripted. But will Cole put their family in danger when they cross paths with an all too familiar pack in Sawtooth Forest?

Finding Hope
Chance doesn’t do romance. After the firefighter has his heart broken, his idea of a relationship consists of one night with no attachments. But the dragon shifter finds himself drawn to Hope, the waitress at the local diner. When Chance finally admits they belong together, it might prove too late. Turns out Hope didn’t run far enough from her past and it may be the end of them both.