Passion Awakened

Book Cover: Passion Awakened
Part of the Beyond The Mist series:
  • Passion Awakened

She’s fated to break his curse. He’s destined to kill her.


With his clan trapped and starving, vampire Andrei Vladimiri will stop at nothing to save them. But an ancient curse compels him to waste precious time hunting the vile creatures he creates every time he feeds. With the clock ticking, he weaves a trap to lure the fated female who can save them all.


Sonia Covaci doesn’t believe her grandmother’s visions of the future. But when a purchased trinket brings dreams of a mysterious stranger, her small town American life threatens to spin out of control. Sensing he is in danger, she does the unthinkable and boards a plane for Romania.

Sonia follows her fate. Andrei moves in for the sacrifice. Never did he imagine the female destined to break the curse would become the woman he couldn’t afford to lose.

Publisher: Valerie Twombly
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Reviews:Sharon Richmond on wrote:

5 Stars

This author never ceases to amaze me how she can create a story that touches you deeply in either the characters or the plot of a story.

Andrei and Sonia's is a sad tale that will turn to joy as they come together, but as some say, fate can be a b*t*along the way.
A witches curse a and the Vampire's search for a way to break it. Throw in his cure is doing the unthinkable to his heart, breaking it.

Great PNR Story with a HEA ending that makes up for that lump in your throat feeling throughout.

I voluntarily read and reviewed this book by its author.
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Amazon Reviewer wrote:

Once I picked up this book I wasn't able to put it down . This was a very compelling story that grabbed me by the heart in the first chapter . You will fall in love with Andrei Vladimir . His story is a sad and compelling one . His true love Sonia Covaci is a descend of gypsies . korinna is the witch that helps being them together . If you love Vampires and stories that take you through every emotion possible read this book .

Amazon Reviewer wrote:

I was fortunate to be given an ARC by the author for this book. Its different from other Vampire books ive read. This had a backbone, a story that traced back to where Andrei began. Not all Vampire books have this kind of back story. It starts with a hunger, not for blood as most Vampire books go, but for his mate, his dream lover. How he was cursed and separated from his people forced into killing to procreate monsters. Its intriguing to find a Vampire that didn't want to kill, and that's what makes this book different from all the rest. I thoroughly enjoyed it and once I picked it up I found I couldn't put it down. I needed to read the next page. What was coming next. His mate, wow she was awesome, and kicked ass. The book is well written as I would expect, there are other good books also. I'm hoping to see more of this series and look forward to reading them. Thank you. Highly recommended A *******************