Sultry Nights

Book Cover: Sultry Nights
Part of the A Jinn's Seduction series:
Pages: 241

A Jinn's Seduction Novella

When Crone is asked to protect Tessa from an evil warlock, the jinn is eager to accept, hoping to right a wrong from his past. But having the beautiful witch on his secluded island is a temptation he’s not ready for.

Tessa’s plan to regain her grandmother’s magic from the sexy jinn goes from bad to worse. Not only does her failing power get her into trouble, but the secret she carries won’t stay hidden for long.

When the jinn and witch collide, it creates a supernatural brew perfect for sultry nights


Publisher: Valerie Twombly
Cover Artists:
Reviews:Tiffany D on Amazon Review wrote:

Yum yum yummy! I think I liked this one even better than the first! Crone is too tasty for words.

Tamara on Amazon Reviewer wrote:

It was well written and funny! The witch kept trying to craft serious spells and winding up conjuring farm animals. Crone was a sexy hero, definitely worth a swoon or two as well.

on Reads2Love:

It's steamy, suspenseful, fast paced, and the best writing to come from this author yet. I laughed, I cried, and I feared for my life because of the number of ways people get tortured in this story.

on Aubrey Wynne:

Twombly has created two memorable characters: a strong, sexy jinn with one weakness: a delightfully ditzy witch who just may save the day.
Action, sizzle, and more to come make this second book of the Sultry Nights series a delight to read.