Vampire’s Kiss (Book 3)

He’s no guardian angel.

Being the first vampire Guardian ever created, Seth Ruiz struggles with his identity. While his sanity balances on a razor’s edge, it’s only a matter of time before he succumbs to the evil inside him. When realization strikes that the fiery Kaitlyn belongs to him, he must not only battle his past demons, but fight his desire to claim her or chance killing them both.

She’s a demon slayer.

Handed a dagger as a child, Kaitlyn O’Hara has slaughtered demons her entire life. It should come as no surprise that she is also destined to save a crazy vampire. When fate reveals her true identity, she must search her heart for the courage to move forward.

Katie holds the key to help save humanity. With Seth’s dark side edging closer, he prays he can keep it together long enough to protect her through the challenges she must face. However, he could prove to be her biggest threat.

He fights his desire to claim her. She battles to save him. Together they wage war to protect humanity. Survival may come at a price.


This book formerly published as Primal Hunger. Revised 2nd edition.


Publisher: Valerie Twombly
Reviews:Aunt G on Amazon wrote:

This PNR series is so good. Complex and dramatic, the storyline is well written and gripping. Lots of drama, danger and emotional turmoil will keep you on edge as Seth and Katie's romance evolves. I loved both these characters. Seth was such an amazing character. His internal emotional struggle as he deals with who and what he is and his longing and affection for Katie, is powerful and touching. It will make you swoon and fall totally in love with him. Katie has her own battles and baggage to deal with. She is an amazingly strong, smart, levelheaded, sassy and a totally kick*** heroine. For me this series just keeps getting better and I highly recommend it.