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Eternally Mated Audiobooks

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Audiobooks Eternally Mated

Eternally Mated Audiobooks

He lost his wings.

She gave up her soul to save him.

Eli has faced his share of enemies, many of whom were once his own brethren. But when the ruling body of the Seven learn a human dies on his watch, they question his compassion. It doesn’t take long for the angel to find himself wingless and back in the mortal realm. He’s never been a saint; a bounty hunter always holds a darker side. But his clock is now ticking and if he doesn’t learn empathy soon, the next place he will land is directly in Hell.

Ashley has never considered her gift “special”. She walks a razor’s edge of sanity and falls deeper into despair every time her visions show her another death. Desperate to escape reality, she runs to her remote cabin in Alaska. If she can’t look a person in the eyes, she won’t watch them die. Hope is something she’s never known until she meets the intense blue gaze of a stranger.

Evil is coming for Ashley and to save her, Eli succumbs to its call. What he doesn’t count on is her tenacity and the fact that she belongs to him. While he’s fighting to save her, she’s busy bargaining with Lucifer to regain Eli’s soul. The price she’s willing to pay just might end their future together.

Her name is Death.

She is the only one who can save them all.

‘Death’ is not a nickname Ashley wants but it is who she has become. Her mating with Eli brought about her change and no one expected the Angel of Death. Now, she is the only one who can stop Lucifer and his evil plan. There is just one small thing, she must embrace who she is and doing so may darken her forever.

Eli lives his days in a haze. His mate is gone and last he saw her was across a bloody battlefield where he stole a tender kiss. Powerless is an emotion that leaves him raw, but he knows killing Lucifer will only endanger Ashley further. He must trust his mate to unveil her true self and sever Lucifer’s hold.

Eli experiences the pain Lucifer inflicts on Ashley through their bond and it’s all he can do to stop himself from going to her. Ashely knows embracing her heritage is risky, but it doesn’t take long to discover just how bad-ass she really is. The Angel of Death commands an army of her own and she’s not afraid to wield it.

Eternally Mated Audiobooks
Eternally Mated Audiobooks

He took her mother’s life.

Now she wants his.

An angel warrior is never supposed to disobey a command but that is exactly what Lyzander did. Twenty years ago, he spared a little girl’s life while his brethren murdered her family. Now he finds himself a captive in the worst place an angel can be. The pits of Hell. No one is coming to save him until a mysterious female shows up wanting to make a deal.

Kelana hid under the bed while her mother and grandmother were murdered. Left an orphan, the half human, half succubus had to learn how to wield a blade fast or die in Hell. Now grown, she seeks the archangel who was responsible for her family’s death so she can cut out his beating heart. But her journey for revenge puts her back on her father’s radar and he still wants her dead.

Lyzander mates Kelana to protect her. She uses him to seek her revenge. What neither counts on are their growing feelings for each other. But when his dark secret is revealed, it may be more than she can forgive.

He is everything dark in the world.

She is his light, but when she goes missing.

He will make even the most evil beg for mercy.

Being a reaper means Sephtis is bound to both Heaven and Hell. When he is called upon to escort the damned, he unleashes a power even demons fear. It’s only his mate, Evangeline that keeps him from embracing his darkness and he will do anything to keep her safe.

The day Evangeline mated Sephtis, she became a guardian angel. It has been a life filled with everything good in the world until she makes a vow to a dying woman. Disobeying her mate, she tries to fulfill her promise but finds herself pulled into a hell of her own.

Sephtis finds himself bound to Lucifer and vowing to do his bidding to keep Evangeline safe. What the Demon King doesn’t count on is hell hath no fury like a reaper determined to find the woman he loves. The dark angel will litter Hell with broken demons until his mate is back home safe.

Eternally Mated Audiobooks
Eternally Mated Audiobooks

He is a fallen.

She thinks him beneath her.

Sometimes it’s the bad boy who saves you.

Cade is a fallen angel who endeavors to follow the right path. That is until the angels’ ruling body decide the warrior is the perfect match to carry out their new assignment. Schooling the young, snobbish Abagail in the art of demon fighting is a challenge he could do without. The female tests him at every turn yet tempts him to show just how bad he can really be.

When Abagail is summoned by the Tribunal, she is beyond eager to finally take her place among the angels. With her eye on an elite warrior for her mate, she is determined to make him hers. But when the nephilim is thrust into a mission with a fallen angel, she is mortified. Cade is everything dark and bad, but she quickly learns the line between good and evil is very misleading.

Like oil and water, Cade and Abby are constantly at odds with each other, but Cade can’t deny the attraction building for the aloof nephilim. As their mission draws to a close, he realizes Abby is keeping a secret. She is terrified and it’s up to him to gain her trust. He will do anything to protect her and prove his damned soul is worthy of her.

Eternally Mated Audiobooks
Eternally Mated Audiobooks
Eternally Mated Audiobooks
Eternally Mated Audiobooks
Eternally Mated Audiobooks
Eternally Mated Audiobooks

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