Welcome to Kirkwood's Fire Station #3
Sparks Of Desire Series

Shifter - Kadin Murphy, Chief

Shifter - Gaelen Murphy, Captain

Shifter - Chance O'Connell, firefighter

Shifter - Torin O'Brian, firefighter

Human - Damon Smith, firefighter

Human - Reese Durham - driver engine 31

Human - Evan  Walsh, firefighter

Shifter - Asher Doyle, firefighter

Shifter - Jamie Kelly, driver engine 32

Human - Derrick Taylor, firefighter

Halee Murphy-Taylor, Lieutenant, paramedic

Human - Devin Clarke - firefighter

Human - Isabella Murphy, paramedic

  • His Burning Desire
  • Rescue Me
  • Finding Hope

Chance O’Connell doesn’t do romance. After the firefighter has his heart broken, his idea of a relationship consists of one night with no attachments. Somehow, the dragon shifter finds himself drawn to Hope, the waitress at the local diner. Rather than make her one of his conquests, he sits in her section and pretends he doesn’t want her.

Hope Sinclair is done with abusive men and being a victim. A new town and a new job at a local diner are all she needs for a fresh start. That is until a sexy firefighter takes up near residence in her section. He wants to be friends, but she wants something more. With the holiday bachelor auction coming up, Hope sets her heart on winning a date with Chance.

One night threatens Chance’s vow to remain single, but by the time he finally admits they belong together, it might prove too late. Turns out Hope didn’t run far enough and her past may be the end of them both.

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