Welcome to Kirkwood's Fire Station #3
Sparks Of Desire Series

Shifter - Kadin Murphy, Chief

Shifter - Gaelen Murphy, Captain

Shifter - Chance O'Connell, firefighter

Shifter - Torin O'Brian, firefighter

Human - Damon Smith, firefighter

Human - Reese Durham - driver engine 31

Human - Evan  Walsh, firefighter

Shifter - Asher Doyle, firefighter

Shifter - Jamie Kelly, driver engine 32

Human - Derrick Taylor, firefighter

Halee Murphy-Taylor, Lieutenant, paramedic

Human - Devin Clarke - firefighter

Human - Isabella Murphy, paramedic

  • His Burning Desire
  • Rescue Me
  • Finding Hope

Fighting fires is in Derrick’s blood. Left shaken after the tragic loss of his best friend, the event forces him to realize he can’t afford to care. Love has cost him everything and the pain has him vowing to never suffer such heartache again. When he tries to start over in a small northern town, a beautiful woman steps into his life and pushes every boundary he sets in place.

Being a full-blooded dragon shifter makes Halee an anomaly among her kind. With her eldest brother pressuring her to choose a mate, her loyalties are torn. Turning to a stranger for the night, she hopes to forget the fate she must face. But when the stranger, Derrick, shows up as the new guy at the station, Halee must choose between duty and stability or a man whose kiss unleashes a passion she never realized existed.

Both were looking for escape, but neither expected to find each other. Every heated encounter pulls them closer together. When fire strikes again, it will leave Derrick facing the ultimate choice: break his vow or walk away from Halee forever.



Once you start reading this, call it a day! You will not be able to put it down. This is the second in the series. It is not necessary to read the first (but it was great), this reads well on it's own. Where do I start. The story is filled with so much emotion. Derrick has suffered so much loss in his life. He is not interested in letting anyone new in to his heart. Halee on the other hand, is worried over the loss that she could suffer, if she mates out of duty to her species. They meet by chance, and sparks fly. When they meet again, the fun begins. A fast paced drama in a paranormal world. Humor, heartache, action and romance. Ms. Twombly has such talent when creating her characters. I enjoyed the show of closeness and love between the siblings. The loyalty between the whole Team was dynamic. It was a joy to follow these two as they found their HEA. This is my voluntary opinion of an advanced copy I received.

Tara Heilman




A few words of caution…
You shouldn’t mess with a dragon lady.
Oops! Too late!
Halee certainly isn’t a lady… exactly.
But she most certainly is a dragon.
And this is one fire you don’t want to put out!

To say I was riveted to this story from the beginning would be an understatement. I couldn’t catch my breath half the the time and the other half I was gulping air! And then, I realized it was only the prologue!
Have mercy!
I thought to myself, “If the rest of the story is this intense, I’ll never make it!”
But I did. Oh, I did… And…
Wow! Just wow.
Bottom line: So much better than good! 5 stars.

R. J. Sorretto


AN ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL INTRIGUING ROMANCE by Valerie Twombly . ABSOLUTELY 10 STAR RATING !  She writes a fast-paced thrilling compelling structure storyline and well developed characters in Derrick Taylor and Halee Murphy and supporting characters in friends , family and co-workers in a exquisitely brilliant well written story . Both Derrick and Halee both are running away from their own personal problems . The story is drama rom-com adventure provocative captivating sizzling chemistry strength of character hot streamy sex intriguing secret intriguing intoxicating grief misunderstanding guilt intense and captivating from start to finish.  I love and highly recommend this book to everyone . I can't wait for the next book . I voluntarily ARC for honest review from Booksprout .

Mary G

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