Emerald Fire

Book Cover: Emerald Fire
Part of the Demon Heat series:
Editions:Kindle - First: $ 3.99
Pages: 103

Ever since Brock lost his mate and son in a tragic murder, he's been unable to move on. When urged to go back home and bury his past, he never expected to meet Sarah. The demon is strong, sexy, and kind-hearted. Everything a man could want in a woman.

Sarah has longed to discover the mate who completes her and finds herself wondering about the demon who left the house next door shrouded in magic. After he appears in her camera lens, it's an instant attraction and doesn't take long to realize he belongs to her.

When Elias steps into the picture, Sarah must fight the urges he stirs inside her. She can't believe fate has given her two mates. Now she is faced with a decision. Choose the one who promises nights of passion and undying love, or the other who can only offer her his broken heart.

Publisher: Resplendence

Sarah stood outside the house and watched while Brock unraveled the magic woven around it. The demon fidgeted and paced, and on more than one occasion, she worried he would run from her. She hoped, once inside, he would be able to find peace. Something in her gut told her his jitters were not all due to the opening of old wounds. She realized she actually made him nervous. When she’d caught him admiring her assets, she’d been anything but angry. His roving eyes had sent moisture between her thighs and a longing that nearly had her shoving him to the floor to sate her desire. Hot, inviting, he made her mouth water. She wondered if he tasted anything like the spicy cinnamon scent she inhaled every time she got near him and decided she needed to find out. Would it be in poor taste to seduce him when he was at his weakest? For some reason, she didn’t care, and that was really out of character for her.



She looked up and met his dark, brown eyes, noting a twinkle of mischief in them.

“Find something you like?” he chuckled.

Shit. She’d been caught staring at his ass. Well, it wasn’t her fault he filled out a pair of jeans like nobody’s business. Not to mention he was standing two steps up from her which put the muscular perfection right at eye level. She curled her lips upward. “As a matter of fact, yes. Yes, I did.” There, let him chew on that! She hoped he’d take it as a hint of her interest.

He tipped back his head in laughter. “Well, I guess I deserve that after I gawked at you.”

He pushed the door open, his features immediately schooled. Her heart ached for him and longed to see the sexy smile again. Her new goal was to get him through this and help him move on. She wanted to get to know the real Brock. The one who wasn’t in pain. “I’ll go first just to make sure it’s safe.” He slipped past the threshold and disappeared. Sarah remained on the first step, waiting for him to give her the all clear. Minutes later, he stuck his head out, his face ashen. “You can come in.”

She made her way up the remaining steps and through the doorway, not sure what she would find inside and half expecting her senses to be assaulted. She took in a deep breath and found the air to be crisp and clean. She must have had a puzzled look on her face.

“The spell kept everything out so there’s no mildew or mold,” he stated matter of fact.

She glanced around the spacious kitchen and felt as if she’d stepped back in time. The white porcelain refrigerator and gas range with its side storage compartment were state of the art for the period when the house had been previously occupied. Everything glistened as if freshly cleaned, waiting for the museum patrons to walk through the time capsule. She noticed Brock no longer stood next to her so she moved across the linoleum floor to the beige carpeted living room. She found him standing in the center, staring down at the floor.

“Brock?” She walked up and stood next to him. He didn’t respond and almost seemed to be mesmerized except that his hands balled into fists then released, only to repeat the process. Her heart fractured. Clearly, this was where he had found his mate. She reached out to touch him but hesitated unsure how he would respond. “Brock, maybe this wasn’t a good idea. I think we should leave.”

He lifted his head and glanced around the room. “No. I need to face my ghosts. I guess I wasn’t expecting it to be this difficult.” He ran his fingers through his short, blond hair. “Hell, I’m not really sure what I was expecting.”

It was heartbreaking to see him so vulnerable. This time, she didn’t stop herself from placing a hand on his arm.

“Is this where…?” She couldn’t finish the question without her voice giving away her emotions.

Reviews:on Angel's Guilty Pleasures:

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Amazon Heat

Book Cover: Amazon Heat
Part of the Demon Heat series:
Editions:Kindle - First: $ 3.99
Pages: 109

When Katrina faces the death of her father, she is left with only one choice. Hire a local demon to help her retrieve a mythical healing stone from deep in the Amazon. However, when the two finally meet, sparks fly. The man is a walking sex god and when he offers to pleasure her in exchange for his services, she finds it hard to refuse.

Damis only intended to have a good time with the beautiful blond who entered his office. Little did he know, the vixen was not only half demon, but his mate to as well. Can he resist the urge to bond with her? Or will his desire be his downfall.

Publisher: Resplendence

Katrina stepped through the door of The Magic Cove. Music blasted across the room. The scent of alcohol and sweat assaulted her senses. She wrinkled her nose.

With sheer determination, her Aperlai heels carried her to the empty bar stool on the other side of the room. A smile slid across her lips at the whistling catcalls resounding from behind. No doubt, they were admiring her ass in the tight-fitting jeans she’d poured herself into. Her favorite pink top plunged to a deep V between large breasts. Looking one’s best never hurt, especially when negotiating a deal with the opposite sex.


Sources said the demon she hunted owned the club. If that was true, finding him should prove easy enough. She only needed to ask.

She plunked down on a stool and kept her gaze pointed straight ahead, not daring to look at the woman next to her. The overwhelming beauty of the female, along with the intricately designed copper bustier she wore confirmed she was a Valkyrie. Immortals known to be the most brutal of women. One wrong move and they’d shred you to pieces, all while laughing about it. She had to admire them though and wished she could be more brutal.

Kat observed her surroundings, noting pointed ears, clawed nails and drunks in various states of shape-shifting.

She shuddered.

This place scared the hell out of her, but then events from earlier that evening still raced through her mind and reminded her of the mission.

She’d been reading her father’s journal, taken aback by his findings.

Her father, an archaeologist, was one of the best in the world and able to read a variety of languages, including many immortal dialects. He’d been hired by several top leaders from the immortal realm to find artifacts long lost by their ancestors. There were hundreds of discoveries under his belt, except for one: The Orecha Emerald, believed to be a magical stone with healing powers.

With nothing to back up the stories woven through the centuries, the stone was a myth. Her father, however, always believed it to be real, and his journal indicated he’d found its location.

When she’d visited, he’d looked worse than he had the last time she’d seen him, the cancer slowly eating away at his body. She’d tried hard to contain her emotions. Instead of letting the tears flow, she’d smiled, moved toward his bed, bent over and kissed him on the cheek.

“You look well today.”

He’d placed a kiss on her hand. “Don’t try and snow me. I know I look like hell.” He gave a weak smile. “But you are as beautiful as ever. You look more like your mother every day.”

She’d sucked in a deep breath and held the tears at bay. The loss of her mother still stung ten years later. She’d only been fifteen at the time, and her poor father had been left alone to deal with a rebellious daughter.

“Father, I read your journal. Do you truly believe the Orecha Emerald exists?”

Brown eyes had misted. “Yes, with all my heart. I only wish I had found it in time to save your mother.”

The breath had escaped her lungs in a loud sigh.

His brows had knitted together. “Kitten, you’re not thinking of seeking it yourself, are you?”

“Yes.” She’d squeezed his hand. “I’ll do anything to save you.” No longer able to hold back, the tears had rolled down her cheeks.

“No, I forbid it.” He’d reached up and wiped away her sorrow. “You are all I have left in this world.”

The concern on his face made her more determined. She would do anything for this man.

“And you are all I have left, which is why I must go. You cannot stop me. I’m firm in my decision.” She’d kissed his rough hand. If there was any chance in hell that stone existed, then she would find it.

“You’ve always been a stubborn girl, and I realize I’m too old and sick to stop you. It will be dangerous. I beg you to reconsider.”

She’d forced a smile. “You know I can’t.”

He’d sighed. “I know, but I had to try. Please promise you’ll be careful. You know what you must do?”

“Yes, I’ll go tonight.”

So, here she sat in a crowded night club, looking for a thousand-year-old Uoinota demon named Damis. She’d been told he knew every detail of the Amazon and would be the best escort to hire.

A red-haired pixie sashayed up, a white towel slung over her shoulder. “What can I get ya, sweetie?”

Kat leaned forward, blonde hair covering her peripheral view. “I’m looking for a demon named Damis.”

The pixie chuckled. “You and every other female in here. Take a number.”

She pushed back in the stool and fidgeted. She’d heard the demons were built like Greek gods and their sexual appetite insatiable. “No, it’s not what you think. I mean…I intend to hire him for a job.”

With elbows perched on the bar, the pixie leaned closer. “What’s your name, sweetheart?” She tucked a strand of red hair behind a pointed ear.

“Katrina, but please, call me Kat.”

“Kat, I’m Lilly. You seem like a nice girl, so I’m gonna do you a favor and tell you to run.”

Her throat went dry. “Why?”

“Damis is a very old and wise demon. He’ll eat you alive.” Lilly placed a glass on the bar and filled it with white wine. “On the house.”

She grabbed the glass and downed half its contents in one swig. “Thanks, but I have a job offer for him and was told he’d be willing to help.”

Lilly gave her the once over. “Oh, he’ll be willing all right. Question is will you? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard about his sexual exploits.” She shrugged. “Wait here. I’ll see if he’s busy.”

Kat downed the rest of the wine. Sleeping with the demon hadn’t been something she’d even considered, but she did find the idea intriguing. It had been months since her last failed relationship. Too strong willed, David had called her. He’d been a lame fuck anyway. Providing the demon wasn’t hideous, perhaps this could prove advantageous in more ways than one.

Still, this was strictly business. The demon was the best guide money could buy. It also didn’t hurt that he was the oldest and most powerful of his species. No doubt, he could break any enchantments that surrounded the stone. I just hope he’s honest.

Lilly came back to the bar. “He’ll see you.”

“Thank you. Um, where is he?” Her gaze moved around the room, not having a clue what he looked like.

“Over there.”

She turned to where Lilly pointed. At the back of the room stood a man cloaked in dark shadows, arms crossed over a broad chest. Katrina swallowed, wanting to run. Remember, anything for father.

A faint laugh came from behind the bar. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Kat stood and balanced on her four-inch heels, abruptly aware how the denim clung to every curve and the pink tank top molded to her breasts. Her hands glided down her rounded hips, smoothing her attire. Showtime.

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