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Paranormal Romance

Taken By Fury

Zander's determined to locate his missing brother Orien, the middle prince of Atlantis, whatever the consequences. Abducting the sexy scientist from Zolar's labs seems to be his only hope of learning the whereabouts of his brother and their people, yet what he discovers about her is the last thing he expected.

Sheila is a specialist in her field and planning her wedding when she finds herself taken prisoner by an unknown species and presented before a god who orders she uses her expertise in DNA to aid him in gaining access to a lost city. She knows her life will never be the same and she’ll do whatever it takes to stay alive and hide her secrets.

The enforced closeness between Zander and Sheila ignites passions neither care to acknowledge. He desperately searches for answers as she struggles to protect her identity. A message from ages past suddenly illuminates a clue they hadn't foreseen – throwing a shocking light on their relationship.

Taken By Fury

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Taken By Fury



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